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Vol 7, No 4: November 2020

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Invited Commentary

Original Article

Assessment of Prognostic and Therapeutic Factors in Male Breast Cancer: An Observational Study of a Southwest Spanish Single Center

Daniel Herrero, María Rocío Morales Herrero, José Luis López Guerra, Alberto Sánchez Camacho-Mejías, Irene Carrasco García, Paloma Santos Fernández, Carmen Victoria Almeida González, Marta Benavent Viñuales, Alejandro Falcón González, Álvaro Montaño Periáñez, Rosario González Mancha, Francisco Javier Salvador Bofill, Manuel Ruiz Borrego

Page 155-163

Encysted Papillary Carcinoma of the Breast (EPC): A Follow-up Study to Investigate the Role of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

Ioannis Spyrou, Foivos Irakleidis, Stergios Douvetzemis, Hisham Hamed, Ashutosh Kothari

Page 178-182

Quality of Life Assessment After Conserving Breast Surgery and Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) in Breast Cancer Patients Using the BREAST-Q Questionnaire

Marina Caldana, Davide Lombardi, Silvia Urbani, Francesca Pellini, Sara Mirandola, Eleonora Granuzzo, Giovanni Paolo Pollini

Page 183-188

Novel Approach Exploiting the Hyperspectral Imaging System for Breast Cancer Therapy and Diagnosis

Mohamed Hisham Fouad Aref, Ibrahim H. Aboughaleb, Abou-Bakr M. Youssef, Yasser H. El-Sharkawy

Page 189-201

Case Report

Primary Leiomyosarcoma of the Breast Papilla: A Case Report

Matthäeus Bürger, Edson Marchiori, Maria Celia R. Djahjah, Ana Helena Correia

Page 202-206

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