Solitary Fibrous Tumor of the Breast: A Rare Case and its Diagnostic Pitfalls Malignant solitary fibrous tumor of breast

Rakesh Kumar Gupta Rakesh (1), Kartavya Kumar Verma (2), Sapnita Shinde (3)
(1) Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur, India, India,
(2) Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur, India, India,
(3) Department of Biotechnology, Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur, India, India


Background: Solitary fibrous tumors (SFT) are the rare mesenchymal tumors originally described in the pleura. SFT of breast is even rarer and to the best of our knowledge about 35 cases are reported to date, including only six malignant SFT cases.

Case presentation: We report a case of a 52-year-old lady with a large left breast mass involving all the quadrants. The tumor was diagnosed as malignant SFT in a core needle biopsy which was later confirmed on the resection specimen.

Conclusion: Herein, we describe the approach and importance of optimal utilization of immunohistochemistry for diagnosing such rare tumors of the breast, particularly, when clinical presentation, radiology and fine needle aspiration cytology are incongruous.

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Rakesh Kumar Gupta Rakesh (Primary Contact)
Kartavya Kumar Verma
Sapnita Shinde
Rakesh RKG, Verma K, Shinde S. Solitary Fibrous Tumor of the Breast: A Rare Case and its Diagnostic Pitfalls: Malignant solitary fibrous tumor of breast. Arch Breast Cancer [Internet]. 2024 Jan. 31 [cited 2024 Feb. 21];11(1):101-5. Available from:

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