The Relationship Between Breast Cancer and VDR Gene Polymorphisms

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Hengameh Mozaffarizadeh
Mohammadreza Hakimian
Mansoor Salehi
Elham Moazam
Mohaddeseh Behjati
Mahtab Keshvari
Faribourz Mokarian



Background: Vitamin D serves several cancer protective roles within the human body.Vitamin D functions through binding with the VDR encoded by VDR gene. It has been demonstrated that polymorphism in VDR gene would influence expression and/or function of the VDR protein. The researchers found that the most important VDR gene polymorphisms that are associated with tumorigenesis include Fok1 (rs2228570), Bsm1 (rs1544410), Taq1 (rs771236), and Apa1 (rs7975232). The purpose of this study was to assess the association between Fok1, Bsm1, and Taq1 polymorphisms and breast cancer development.
Methods: In this study, 50 patients suffering from breast cancer with less than 6 months after the diagnosis of breast cancer and 50 healthy control individuals were included. Restriction fragment length polymorphism PCR (RFLP-PCR) was used to determine the genotype of polymorphisms.
Results: Statistical results showed that among the studied polymorphisms, Tt genotypes of Taq1 polymorphism have correlations with breast cancer development (P< 0.001, OR= 5.51, 0.95 CI= 2.30-13.21).
Conclusion: The results of the present clearly demonstrated that there is a relationship between Taq1 polymorphism in VDR gene and development of breast cancer.